The various models are designed for vertical protection from the sun and wind on balconies, windows and windows, also providing privacy and decorating the space protected.

Drop Go down by gravity. It is accompanied by supplements to fix the railing of the balcony. (no picture)

Lateral Drop: It displays horizontally. Suitable to protect from the wind and provide privacy.

Drop SG: Toldo free fall from the ceiling.


The articulated arm system provides protection, comfort and decor of the awning, but unhindered, leaving the area free and clear covering. There are several models depending on the surface to be covered.
CLASSIC EXTEND (80, 100, HX, 250, 325, 100 PLUS, PLUS 600): An extensible to every need.

VARIO PLUS EXTEND Once deployed you can vary the pitch.


It is a traditional awning model whose arms are fixed to the wall and provide sun protection for windows, sunrooms, balconies and windows.

Classic: The classic awning. Descends by gravity.

Classic Box: The awning is collected in a metal box.

Classic voltage: Arms produce tension. The canvas is always tense.


Awnings are extendable arms. Its careful design integrates perfectly into any facade decoration. The closed drawer hides and protects the fabric and the awning mechanism from dirt and weathering, thereby extending its life. There are several models depending on the surface to be covered.

TOLSANBOX (135, 250, 300.360): The chests are awnings extendable arms to be picked that all canvas stored inside a metal box. They get a very elegant appearance and protect the canvas inclement weather.

TOLSANBOX CLASS: Toldo very elegant and technically advanced. Optimum value.

TOLSANBOX S100: Toldo cofre ligero con sistema de brazos extensibles que dejan libre de obstáculos la zona que cubre. Al ser recogido, toda la tela queda recogida bajo un cajón metálico que protege a lona y le confiere un aspecto estético integrado en la fachada.