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Curtain attic is especially suitable and designed for inaccessible windows and inclinations and different from the usual locations.

They can be manufactured with many decorative and technical (darkening, fireproof, waterproof, pearlescent), with a wide variety of colors and finishes fabrics.


The roller blinds are the union of minimalism and functionality. A new generation of curtains with progressive nature, adaptable to any space.

Roll your system and mechanism are perfectly integrated in the window revealing only the fall of the tissue. A decorative finish that matches the wide range of decorative and technical fabrics.


The roller blind Box hides all the mechanisms inside a protective box, ensuring optimal performance abroad, even in extreme conditions. In turn, it is ideal for both their inner beauty as for its guided application that lets achieve total opacity of stay.

A functional, easy curtain install and maintain, thanks to its self-supporting and recordable drawer which allows access without removing the curtain fabric. An aesthetic solution that adapts to new architectural trends and is integrated into the grid of buildings.


The original pleated curtain system is ideal to minimize tissue collection space and adaptable to all types of windows (inclined, attics, ceilings, arches …).

This simple, minimalist curtain is available in multiple decorative fabrics and a wide color range, combined perfectly with all its components. It enjoys a great lightness and easy handling.


Bandalux enjoy modern and aesthetic line for traditional curtain, the system of choice for the covering of glass surfaces. Fabrics in multiple colors, textures and transparencies that help control the entry of light; from velvet curtains that provide very clear to thick fabrics for extra privacy.

Shirred curtains of loops or eyelets are different forms of tissue that can be combined with rail system or wooden and metal bars.

The traditional curtain can be combined with other types of systems: roller blind, Roman shade, Japanese panel … providing greater decorative richness.


The vertical blind is the latest trend, clean lines and functionality for the most elegant curtains.

Louvre system allows light to enter graduate at all times, providing a perfect visual comfort, combined with the variety of technical and decorative fabrics Bandalux make vertical curtain a very attractive solution.


Fabric blinds are one of the most popular curtain highly functional and decorative character models. Bandalux offers two options: the Roman shade (with rods), straight and proportioned shapes, or pacchetto blind (without rods) that allows natural tissue fall.

These two options are complemented by the widest range of decorative fabrics (embroidered, cotton, printed, linen, silk, devour ..) but also technical (Polyscreen®, fireproof, darkening …)


The Japanese panel is the revolution of the curtain, a perfect system for covering glass surfaces and to separate areas in multi-purpose rooms.

Bandalux proposes a wide range of fabrics and colors that offer the possibility of combining, in one curtain, cloth of different colors, textures and motifs.


Versatility and practicality for a system of Venetian blinds of simple and modern lines adaptable to any style. The three measures of slats (50, 25 and 15 mm) allow to regulate the entry of light and create different effects.

Venetian aluminum can be found in more than 150 colors of lama with different finishes (matt, gloss, pearl, textured …) coordinated perfectly with the other components and drives.


Venetian blinds are characterized by a slat orientation mechanism, simple and manageable, which allows you to filter sunlight and preserve the outward visibility.

Bandalux provides a full range of wooden slats Tilo, Abachi and Cedro, with natural finish or dyed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.